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left in the cold

Canada's first internment camps

Ukrainian internment is a part of Canadian history, which was almost forgotten.
When the War Measures Act passed during the First World War, members of the Austrian-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires were declared "enemy aliens" by the Canadian government and interned in camps across the country.

This site aims to provide a deeper understanding of the history, impact, and personal stories of Canada's first internment operations.  
The reporting done for this website took four months to complete. It was our mission to find the truth and to tell the forgotten story. With the help of experts, lawyers, politicians, and descendants of those who were interned, we were able to create this site.
The prisoners built roads, buildings, and landmarks within Canada that are now popular tourist destinations. They worked in extreme weather conditions, with barely any protection from the cold with very little food and breaks but yet many of their stories have gone untold.
To learn more about a dark chapter of Canadian history, continue reading below. 

A Broken Legacy



That Never Happened

Lessons Learned

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